Two more sale bags at Saks w/ pics

  1. Hello everyone. I just spoke to my SA at Saks, Delyse. She called to offer me 2 sale bags she has. I'm passing, but here are the pics she sent, and she's holding them under my name (April) in case someone wants them. Her number is 248-808-0712.
    The first bag is lambskin and is marked down from $2495 to $1745. I almost bought this when it was full price, it's a beautiful shade of teal, but I don't do lambskin.
    The second bag is gold tweed and was $2450, now $1714.
    12-12-07_2053[1] (2).jpg 12-09-07_1404[1] (2).jpg
  2. ohh they're lovely!
    thank you april for sharing with us!
  3. Why oh why do they have to put bags on sale so close to CHRISTMAS? Ah well..Thanks for sharing!
  4. Love that gold tweed but I'm on a ban. boohooohoo.

    Thanks for the temptation!
  5. I LOVE the gold tweed bag!!!
  6. Wait a second...Chanel has sales! I thought their items didn't go on sale!
  7. They're slower sellers go on sale a few times/year.
  8. Thanks for posting!
  9. I love the gold tweed!
  10. Gold's gone! Thanks for posting, though!!
  11. Just spoke to Delyse, they're both gone now.
  12. I saw the same gold tweed bag on sale at Saks 5th ave in phoenix as recently as Saturday... if people are still interested call chanel at 602 955 8000... GOOD LUCK
  13. May I know the size of the gold tweed bag? Thanks!
  14. I really wanted to buy a channel bag but I can't find any online stores, can someone tell we a site that I can check out.... thanks a bunch and merry christmas to all