Two More Prada Bags

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  1. I have seen these two bags on this forum and was
    wondering where could I find them. I would
    like to check them out to see if it is something I may
    be interested in purchasing:

    Chevron Antic Shopper and Cervo Satchel in Natural
  2. Pics would be a great big help.
  3. [​IMG]
    Cervo Shopper


    Cervo Satchel in Natural

    Photos compliments of TPF members
  4. I have a similar drawstring Prada. I love it, but I'll be the first to admit that closing it back up is a two handed operation and can be a bit unweildy for that reason. If you have "closure issues" you'd be MUCH happier with the satchel and its zip closure.
  5. I remember seeing these on's from previous season's if I am not mistaken so I am not sure if you can find them IRL
  6. Janicemph...

    If I recall correctly, the drawstring tote was on sale last week for 50 off at Prada.
    Prada is supposed to be getting another wave of sale bags in soon.

    Prada (310) 278-8661.
    Pls ask for Sam and say you were referred by Dana. Thanks! :yes:
  7. Thanks.