Two more men claim to be the father of Anna Nicole's baby

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  1. Source:TMZ
  2. OMG this is Crazy!
  3. I feel so sorry for her... she's just lost her baby boy!!! they should leave her alone!!!!!
  4. DNA test and we're done
  5. Quite a switch from the sad cases of men denying paternity. I do feel for Anna Nicole--how anyone could get through what she has endured recently is beyond me.
  6. Oh, stop! Say this isn't so....what a mess!
  7. This is just crazy. Those men either just want their 15-minute of fame or they're just after her $$$, and probably both. Whoever is the father, which I'm hoping it's Howard, they may try and take her baby girl away from her just so they can get a child support income. I hope it's Howard, at least he's been there with her from all the saddest moments of her life. The other guys are just sick for taking advantage of her, especially when she just lost her beloved son. :cursing:
  8. Wow... I wonder if she's hooking up left or right or that these guys are fell off their rockers?!? WTH? I hope whoever is the dad is the one that's the best for the baby. This is so surreal.
  9. Wow this IS a hot mess. I hope it gets straightened out for the baby's sake
  10. sad
  11. Maybe she is like a cat and they are all the father of her baby?

    Okay, bad joke. I do feel bad for what happened to her son, but let's just say that this woman's life has always been like one long episode of The Jerry Springer Show.
  12. Profiteering gouls ! Come on, she just lost a kid, she's probably more than a little upset right now !
  13. i think that she should just be left alone!
  14. Very sad.