two more bags to add to the collection!

  1. i've had quite the productive weekend. i went to see the petrol and blueberry blakes gabby from the marc jacobs boutique in soho set aside for me. i needed a substitute for the gorgeous navy i missed out on during spring.

    unfortunately, i decided that neither of the blues were what i was looking for. however, i do have a sap green small mp on its way that i bought through craigslist and a dark blue blake with red stitching that i purchased on eBay! it's also coming with matching cosmetics pouch and coin purse! :nuts:

    i am so excited! plus ever since i saw elly0216's pictures of her beautiful black venetia, i might get that too before the Nordstrom sale ends. i'm on a fierce mj splurge.
  2. Congrats on your new purchases!! sap green is nice and the blake with 2 matching accessories are great too!
  3. I just purchased the sap green multipocket from NMLC today for only 244.00!
  4. Great choices!! Can't wait for you to get them. Try to share pics if you can. :yes:

    You know regarding the Nordstrom Venetia, Needanotherbag checked out the MJ bags for me yesterday at her Nordies and I think the SA told her ALL of the MJ anniversary sale bags sold out during the pre-sale - for the whole company! Yikes! I was still contemplating a Christy but I took too long to decide as usual. :sad:
  5. really? that's unfortunate. i think i'll still be getting the bag anyway. it's such a classic style, and i predict that i'll be using it to wear to work everyday that it'll be worth paying the full retail price for.

    i'll post pics of all my mj bags as soon as i get these two. :yes:
  6. ^^^^Yup, my SA was surpised as well and even called a few of the local stores to see if they were holding some for customers in the off chance they werent going to pick them up. It sounded like all the MJ bags sold out during Pre-Sale!
  7. Oh wow, that's amazing! I can't wait to see your dark indigo blake! You lucky gal, those are hard to come by. Congrats!!

    And that's crazy that Nordies sold out of all the MJs.... Cheryl, I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to snag one. There will be other bags out there for you.
  8. congrats!! can't wait to see pics!
  9. I love both those colors!! Congrats!
  10. beautiful, we need pictures please :smile:
  11. i'm impatiently waiting for the bags. believe me, i want to post pictures! the sap green mp has been shipped and should be arriving within the next couple of days, but the indigo blake won't be shipped until the 28th unfortunately. i might just have to drive up to the seller in toronto and get it myself. :p
  12. Congrats on your purchase! I love both colors!!:tup:
  13. Great buys! Congrats!
  14. Congrats, love sap green enjoy your new bags :smile:
  15. If you drive to Toronto, Godspeed to you! I'd do the same thing!