Two more bags getting ready to find new homes!

  1. Now I just have to figure out who they're going to!
    old bags 001.jpg old bags 002.jpg
  2. You are a total sweetheart!!!! :love: Those are great bags.. I love the soho flaps! :tup:
  3. So nice of you :smile:
  4. Love the black one!
  5. :flowers:they are beautiful!
  6. I just love the Soho line... those bags are lovely!!
  7. Very sweet of you, gorgeous bags!
  8. Those are cute. I love the black one. I don;t think I've seen that one before....
  9. aww you're a sweetheart!!
  10. Very pretty bags. I am sure whoever they go to will be super super happy.
  11. You are such an angel!!! I love the black one!