Two more bags from Chanel S/S 06

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  1. Didn't want to hijack wickassin's thread.

    Bad pic, but I loooove these two little bags! I wonder how much they are. Has anyone seen them in person?

  2. You're so cute! I wouldn't mind if you put your question in my thread! They're kinda related. I did see the purse in yellow that's to the right at my NM. I might go tonight. If I do, I'll ask for the purses price and let you know...
  3. here's a better photo of the yellow bag which i think is absolutely adorable.......


    it costs $695
  4. Aw, thanks guys! Wicked, will you tell me if it's like tiny tiny? Or about roughly the size of a small 2.55? Hope you find that Chanel bag to your liking... BUT REMEMBER YOU ARE JUST LOOKING.
  5. Those are cute!
  6. Those are so cute.. !! But I can't help but fear the immense price tag !
  7. yes. they're hideous.
  8. I've seen them too...not worth the price at all...kind of tacky imo!
  9. my only issue with them is paying $700 for a light-colored canvas bag that i know will be covered in grime/dirt/mud/hot sauce in 5 minutes.........
  10. Its okay looking, something my 6 year old sis would probably enjoy :lol:
  11. For $695 I'd rather have a Chanel wallet. Can't you get a wallet for $695???
  12. oops... can you get a wallet for $695???
  13. I worked out tonight instead of heading over the NM. I'm supposed to run/walk on my treadmill 6x's a week and I already skipped yesterday--so I HAD to be good.

    I'll go look at the bags by Friday and will lt you know what I discover. Don't let the others discourage you on the bag if you love it. I remember looking at them and thinking it looked very whimsical. I think the bag is made of silk. I think they even had a scarf in the same or similar print on display with the bag.

    The one on the right is the one I remember seeing. It was about the same height and width of an LV pochette--but it was "pouffier" from what I can remember... Will report more soon.

    And yes, I'm just looking--even though I put a mandarin Soufflot on hold. But don't worry--the Chanel S/S 06 bucket bag was a quick phase :P
  14. Oh, I thought they were silk. That's what it said on the website?

    Maybe I'm mistaken.

    I guess silk would get easily dirty, too.