Two more small CHANEL family!

  1. Hey guys....

    So got the classic flap in black caviar w/ gold HW and this white flap clutch. Lemme know what u think of the white clutch. Went to exchange something and had a credit note pending with them so picked it up rather impulsively. Also bought pink caviar classic flap w/ gold hw this week. Am so done for this quarter....


    Ma PINK CHANEL.jpg



  2. ^^ yay, congrats, they're beautiful!!! :tender:
  3. Very lovely collection! I love them all!! The pink one is TDF! For some reason the white one isn't jumping out at me. But if you love it then keep it!!!:p
  4. gorgeous bags!
  5. I love the pink one! Congrats on your new additions :smile:
  6. Great collection, and I am loving the white clutch.

  7. I agree! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  8. Congrats on such gorgeous purses!!!! your pink flap is definitely TDF! :love:

    (PS i was wondering if you ever got the style # or any more info. on the white tweed handbag at the Dubai chanel? I PMed you, but I don't know if the message went through. Thanks!!!!)
  9. I :heart: :heart: :heart: them both!
  10. I :heart: ALL of them. Congrats!
  11. That pink is sooo cute!