Two month's salary - net or gross - LOL.

  1. I've always wondered if the two month salary thing for engagement rings was before or after taxes...hmmm.....
  2. Hopefully before LOL
  3. LOL!! Actually, although I can honestly say this has not previously crossed my mind, my husband spent a bit more than that either way. :shame: Um- I really love it though?

  4. definitely before the taxes, it's more money:graucho: My husband thinks that it was a woman who actually first came up with this 2 months salary thing for an engagement true...:P
  5. ^lmao!!
  6. I remember asking my husband if I could pick the months... he's in sales, some months are much better than others. ha!
  7. Well, after being in advertising so long I'm sorry to say that the two months salary thing was actually dreamed up by the advertising agencies and marketing folks of the diamond distributors. This was done to entice people to spend more on diamonds. In the end it should be about personal preference.

    Of course, if two months' salary works for you, go for it! And go for gross salary, not net!
  8. i couldn't imagine asking my bf to spend 2 months salary on a ring. i'd rather save it for the wedding or a house.

  9. Definitely!!!!
  10. Mine too!
  11. it never entered my mind.
  12. I think my ring was only 1.75 month's salary before taxes, now I feel ripped off! LOL!
  13. Honestly..I could of cared less about what PHH spent on my ring.I let him pick it out..I refused topick it myself.....I just wanted it to come from him..and it did.Its very special to me because he took alot of time choosing the perfect ring for me.