Two Minis Glued Together: Ugly or Unique?

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  1. :lol: I was looking at that ligne not too long ago and I thought it rather peculiar and impractical. I would need someone wearing it. This thread maybe offensive to the owners of that bag though :amuse:.
  2. I second hideous and fugly
  3. Chanel what are you thinking?! It looks gross.
  4. Totally tasteless....
  5. They have one sitting in Chanel nyc 57th... it has been there for a while. I am in there so often I probably have touched every display piece, but not this one............................................ :yucky:
  6. ^Lol!
  7. actually, I can see how someone could go for it.. you keep cell phone, keys, credit cards on one side... lipstick, tissue, mirror, smalll comb in other compartment''

    not my style though.. iTA with all of you there

    it'll make it's way to the outlet and for the right price, someone will buy it, for sure
  8. this bag was a actually on sale like 2 seasons ago I think at NM. I'm not partial to I but I can see how someone would be. I don't think it is that bad.
  9. Not a fan :P
  10. I don't think its that bag but I don't think I would buy it either!
  11. [​IMG]

    I think it's adorable and really unique! Not a timeless piece but I can see someone rocking this on the weekends. It's like twice the mini cuteness. The only reason why I didn't purchase this bag is because I don't like how the chain/strap looks.

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  12. It's definetely different.
  13. I have a thing about asymmetry (as in, I generally hate it haha :P) and this bag is one I always disliked intensely (to say the least). :nuts:
  14. Not for me!! :nogood: