Two MBMJ turnlock bowlers..Moss/ I comepletely petty?

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  1. LOL. Please respond and let me know if you think that having two totally turnlock bowlers is ridiculous. One is moss and one is black and I am having some serious issues sleeping each night. HAHAH
  2. so many issues, in fact, that I am unable to cut the tags off of either one! Please advise!
  3. and...I very much spelled "completely" wrong. Anyhow, Im in total despair..I need AFFIRMATION that two bowlers is totally cool! LOL
  4. I'm jealous! :drool: I doubt anyone here thinks you're crazy. If anything, owning more than one of the same bag in different colors is very normal on the MJ forum. Congrats!!
  5. I have two Totally Turnlock zip satchels. :yes: So I understand!
  6. You're not crazy at all! If you like a style, you should stick to it.
    Also, moss and black are really different colors (in terms of what they match, dressiness vs casual, etc), so I think you'll get good use out of both.
  7. You guys are great! Thank you! Im going to post a pic of my two gorgeous little girls soon...
  8. If you love the style then I don't see anything wrong with having mutliple bags in different colours. It's not like they're Pradas or something crazy expensive. If you love them and know you'll wear them both, then keep them and love them.
  9. i agree with everyone if you like both and will use both KEEP BOTH :yes:
  10. I say keep 'em both! They're the same bag, yes, but the colors are versatile and neutral so you'll use them both a lot. However, if you HAVE to pick just one, I'd go with the black.

    Congrats on your two new bags!! :okay:
  11. i make it a point to not buy the same style bag. i don't want or need the same bag in various colors. same reason why i cant do LV's the same damn print but in different shapes.

    but ultimately it is up to you, and how much you are going to use both bags.
  12. I say keep both! I have the bags in the same style with different colors, ie multipockets and bbags. If you love the style and it works for you, then keep em!
  13. If you're having so much trouble deciding then I think that means you need them both.


    I have the turnlock bowler in black and now that you mention it I could use one in another color:smile: If you can afford to keep both and will use both then don't feel bad about keeping them both!
  14. It's a great design--of course it's ok to have 2! In fact, I recommend it. The MMJ's are reasonably priced compared to the MJ bags.
  15. do you have pics?