Two Maggie Instant Reveal!! One is an HG!!

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  1. First one up is Inlaid Maggie I found her at the outlet like 3? weeks ago for $235.99 plus tax from $598! Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics on this bag...

    Inlaid Maggie 14298

    Back of Inlaid Maggie

    The details are awesome on this bag IRL.

    The Jewel and hangtag

    This next one is my HG!!! I have been wanting her for months and I finally have her :yahoo: I am so happy I could do kart wheels lol! Miss Large Croc Ink Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ink Maggie 14325


    The TDF Houndstooth Lining!!


    Love the Bling!


    Thanks for looking girls!
  2. Both bags are stunning, congrats! The ink color is so luscious in your pics :drool:
  3. Congrats!! I know how bad you have been searching for that INK Maggie!! So glad you found one and you TOTALLY deserve it to add to your multiples addiction!! :P

    I can't wait to see the Inlaid Maggie IRL!!! HOT!!! :yahoo:
  4. Congratz on your Maggies ;)
  5. Congrats on your Maggies! They are both gorgeous.
  6. Thanks Q!!!!!!! Lol yes I still have a problem with multiples!! :graucho: Just hope I don't get cursed with multiple kids lol!

    I will have to bring Inlaid Maggie next time for shopping and ritas :drinkup:
  7. So jealous:nuts: ... both bags are amazing finds! Congrats and enjoy your Maggies!
  8. Love them! They are gorgeous!
  9. Thank you!! The ink is drool worthy!

    Thank you!
    Thanks Donnalynn, I cannot wait to use them!
  10. WOW --those are *awesome* bags, OP!! :woohoo:

    You got 2 of the best Maggies, for sure.
  11. Wow, I love them both. And you got good deals to boot!! Enjoy!
  12. Two great bags. The black inlaid Maggie is a gorgeous bag, I love mine, and it's turned out to be one of my HG bags.
  13. i love both so much!
  14. Yes we are due for some ritas!!
  15. Wow congrats! They are both gorgeous! That ink Maggie is TDF!