Two m?ore shopping days to go.....

  1. ...before the February 1st price increase!

    Anyone planning any last minute purchases?
  2. OK, apart from my spelling in the title, this got posted twice - can a Mod please delete the other thread? Thanks!
  3. awww, i wish i was!!! argh! :hysteric:
    *mini tantrum*
  4. I am trying desperately to get my pink chanel flap and a beige caviar grand tote!
  5. wanting too...but my boutique (only 1 chanel miserable) does not hv a wide selection...those I've wanted are in black....dun want anymore black ones...
  6. Planning to also, but there is like a day here my time. Will go to Chanel tmr but do you think it is worth getting a black classic just for the sake of it? I know I will want one eventually!
  7. I desparately trying to find a grey reissue or a jumbo navy patent before the price increase! :sweatdrop:
  8. ive already asked for a black med in caviar with gold hardware,I hope i can get it before the increase. :push:
  9. will be heading to p/u a med flap caviar in either beige or white. can't decide. will see what they have.
  10. I wish :drool:
  11. Lol, me too Roz!
  12. Nerdphanie is sending me to NM BH to check out what's still available. This is my last post before I leave. Wish me luck!! I'll report back. Bye....:wondering
  13. I'm hoping to pick up a diamond stitch tote at Saks.
  14. I've been very tempted, but I need to be good because what I really want is the red classic flap from S/S2007.
  15. I keep trying to hold myself back from going to the boutique and impulse shopping...but I asked my SA and she said there is no price increase in Canada?