Two LV bags with exact same date code?

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  1. Is it possible to have two bags with the exact same date code?

    I am watching two bags on Ebay and they are different sellers and different pics, but both have the same exact date code. Is this legit? Thanks ladies!
  2. It is possible for 2 bags to have the same date code. After all, it's not like the factory only makes one bag a month, right? :o)
  3. Yes, I guess your right. It's just so weird cause they are the exact same bag and the date codes are the same, which means they came from the same factory at the same time. And they are discontinued bags so I just thought, what are the odds on that, ya know?
  4. yes its possible, i'm sure they make more then one bag a month and only one employee.
  5. I would like to see this one. Can you please post the link-
  6. Of course it is. Again, it's Date code, not Serial Code. HTH.
  7. Yes, it is possible because they produced hundreds in one month..
  8. Of course, since many could be made in a month. :yes: