Two Louis Vuitton Questions :)

  1. Hi everyone! I love reading all your opinions on practically everything and I totally respect each one. I have two questions I hope you could help me with....

    1) Does the LV store (or any designer store) know who's carrying a real bag or a fake one when you enter it?

    2) How long before the LV natural leather gets its patina and do you think it looks bad (or fake) if the cowhide leather is still light?

    Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. Welcome to tPF.:flowers:

    I am sure SAs can tell if the bag is real or not.

    With the regards to vachetta turning color it will depend on how often you use the bag. Personally, I am NO fan of light trim but that's just me. I don't think it looks fake, it just bothers me that it shows all the marks so easily.
  3. To answer (1) I'm sure there are good fakes out there that can only be detected "fake" upclose, but bad "fake" can obviously be detected, so it depends. (2)I'm not sure how long it takes, it depends on your use, and how you take care of it. Natural cowhide leather on many mono goods will change, in a matter of few weeks/months, so don't worry about it.
  4. Yes, they can tell. Since they see the bags everyday, most of them can tell what's not real. Especially LV.

    Patina depends on how often you use the bag. I just saw a BH on ebay that had a really deep patina, but it was only 6 months old. I think the seller had to have been using that bag nonstop for that to happen. I only use my bags for a couple days at a time so there isn't much patina on my bags.
  5. Hello and welcome baglover529! :flowers:

    1) Yes, a trained and knowledgeable SA (sales associate) will be able to see that a bag is fake, but usually authenticity questions go to the SM (store manager) for confirmation. But some fakes are so authentic looking, that they need to be inspected closely.

    2) The patina depends on how often you use it and in what conditions. I have an LV Ellipse PM that has very light patina even though I've had it for 8 years - I rarely use it and it is stored in its dust bag in my purse wardrobe. No, I don't think it looks fake when the patina is still very light. Fakes also use "leather" that is dark to resemble patina.

    Hope that helps! :yes:
  6. Double also post it in handbag forum..
  7. Thanks to all my quick repliers! :smile: You guys are so helpful. I love this forum. I just bought my first LV bag and it's real. I was just worried about all the fakes out there. Although I know I shouldn't care cause I'm holding an authentic one....:P

    Still gonna be waiting for more opinions on this...especially the patina question...:smile:
  8. Sorry! can anyone help me with the merging of the two threads I started? I didn't know where to post so I posted in 2 categories......eek...sorry!
  9. Any chance to share the pictures of the bag??? What bag is it ?? Congrats on your new LV..Must share pics !!! LOL :lol:
  10. I got a Speedy mono 30...thing is...I tried to post but my photo was too do I make it smaller?

  11. Open your pic and save as under different name and it should resize it right away. Let us know if you need help..
  12. 1) they know. a freind of mine went in to LV in paris with a fake (shes dumb waht to do) and they were sooo cold with her and wouldnt really help her. i told her it serves her right. who goes into the flagship store with a fake anywayz?? haha
  13. I was at the Coach store the other day & a lady was in there w/ a fake. I was telling the guy I was with & we started laughing. It was so obvious it was fake it was a spring patchwork tote & it was fading & only had patchwork on one side. Why do people go to boutiques wearing fakes..??

    The vachetta will age with time & wear. I don't own a LV yet but my coach vachetta ages pretty quickly and I don't like the process..if there was a way to keep it looking new I would so use it or at least keep it from spotting.
  14. Just a quick additional note on the fakes in the boutique-topic:

    I was at LV in Hamburg (Germany) going on an all-round splurge.
    In walked a "lady" with a CB speedy :rolleyes:

    I asked the sales assistant why nobody at the store said a word to her. He explained to me that the fake might have been a gift and the woman might really believe she was carrying an authentic bag! He also said they (LV SA) did not want to compromise her, hence they kept silent.

    That's what I call class!