Two Louis Vuitton Questions :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I love reading all your opinions on practically everything and I totally respect each one. I have two questions I hope you could help me with....

    1) Does the LV store (or any designer store) know who's carrying a real bag or a fake one when you enter it?

    2) How long before the LV natural leather gets its patina and do you think it looks bad (or fake) if the cowhide leather is still light?

    Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. Hi there!

    1.) I've never been in a store, done all my shopping online. However, I think the sales associates (SA) can probably tell pretty quickly depending on how bad a fake it is.

    2.) Ahh, the age-old patina question. How long it takes to patina depends on how much you use it, how much sunlight it is exposed to, and whether or not you apply any leather treatments to it. The color of the leather is a totally personal choice. Some LOVE the brand new light color, others LOVE the middle stage, others LOVE the dark honey stage. I personally love every stage/color and I am in between light and medium on my speedy patina.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Welcome to the Forum! You might want to post this in the LV subforum...they will be able to respond faster. Are you planning on wearing a fake there? Just had to ask..we hate fakes!!

    EDIT: Sorry I see you did ask in the LV Subforum.:smile:
  4. my thing is if you are carrying a real LV, who cares if the staff knows or not.
  5. Hi,
    Welcome to Forum..I think you will get more respond if you post it in LV forum..
    To answer your questions:

    1.People who knows bags will know wheather your bag is real or not, not fooling anyone wheather it is in the store or on the street. May be people in the store won't tell you about it but they will laugh after you left and become the joke of the day..or worse they will laugh infront of your face..

    2.This day fake bag also get "patina" but the patina color isn;t as smooth as real patina color. It depends on how often and how long you carry the bag.
  6. I just noticed she posted this twice. Hopefully a mod will come and merge them together.

  7. Hello! Thanks guys for my first two replies. I actually just bought a new REAL LV bag. It's my first. :smile: Was kinda worried about all the fakes around but what the hell....I'm holding the real deal! Haha! :biggrin:
  8. closing this as it's a duplicate and in the wrong Forum.
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