Two listings

  1. Hey everybody. I need to ask I put my Authentic Theda Pm up for sale on eBay the other day.,And then I put up my Authentic Speedy 30 up about 2 days later. eBay is saying I could only list two LV items due to all the replicas out there. Is that happening to everyone or just me?
  2. Others have also had this happen, so its not just you. They do sometimes place restrictions on the number of certain items you can list at once.
  3. It depends on how long you've been an eBay member and if you have any violations against you.
  4. Ebay has been sued by Louis Vuitton, also, so expect a lot of hoops to jump through if you want to sell LV on ebay, even if your reputation is spotless. The fakers and scammers are ruining ebay for all of us. It's a shame. I'm a long time buyer and seller and ebay has been the source where I've found many rare and wonderful items, but I've been backing away from it as a buyer and seller recently because of all the fraud. Ebay is a mess and I've never seen it in such scary condition.
  5. This happened to me as well, don't worry!!! Not only that- get this- I had my AUTHENTIC pochette cancelled for no reason even when I could provide proof. Ebay is making selling LV items super difficult so don't be surprised when you receive outrageous notices...everyday is something new...(sigh)...Im gonna start my own auction site I think...
  6. Yeah Im only allowed 4 Listing for Louis Vuitton at a time. Ebay is trying hard to get the fakers out. A few bad apples are ruining the rest of the honest bunch and that sucks.
  7. Maybe all bags should have to be authenticated by My Poupette or some other reputable company before being allowed to list on eBay. That would weed out the scammers, or some of them. Of course they could always post real pics and send a fake bag. sigh...