Two Kusama Bags or Lumineuse PM?

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Two Kusamas or Lumineuse PM?!

  1. Get the two Kusama bags!

  2. Lumineuse PM!

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  1. I need some opinions! I was originally planning on getting myself a Lumineuse PM in infini for my birthday, but then I fell in love with the Kusama line. I have a white Kusama Speedy & white key ring on its way to me and now I was thinking of ordering the red Speedy & key ring. All of that combined is just a little more than the Lumineuse PM. SO what would you do - get two Kusama bags OR the Lumineuse PM?
  2. Lumineuse pm!!!!!
  3. Question... Do you know if they make the lumineuse in flamme anymore? :smile:
  4. Lumineuse PM!!!
  5. Lumi all the way! Kusama will look dated before you know it!
  6. Flamme has been discontinued and replaced by Frambroise!

  7. Luminese for sure!
  8. Oh ok i see. What color is the Frambroise ? Does it look like the flamme?
  9. Lumineuse! I absolutely love mine :smile:
  10. Which color do you have? I am considering this bag. Do you feel it gets heavy quickly?
  11. Lumi
  12. Lumi definitely
  13. Lumineuse - definitely! Classy!
  14. Infini - goes with everything. It might feel very heavy at first if you're only used to the canvas bags but it's not that bad :smile:
  15. no contest go with the lumi pm its a timeless piece!!