TWO Kelly's are Here!!! ***PICS*** Lg Caviar & Sm Lambskin

  1. Well, since I was soooo indecisive about which size to get, I ordered both :shame:

    I will only keep one tho ...

  2. loooooove the small lambskin....:love: congrats!
  3. I love the size of the Large but LOVE Lambskin more ... here is a pic of me with the Small Lambskin (not as stylish as jag, tho :shame: )
    Is it too small for me???

  4. Both are nice!!!!!!!!!!! I am partial to the larger size. I think I like the look of the lambskin more, but the durability of the basically I am no help to you. And the small does not look to small on you. I think you would be good with either, its a coin flip girl!
  5. Selena -

    I know, that is how I feel!
    I think I would get more use from the Large, if only it was in Lambskin ... arrrggghhh!!!!
  6. Lovely.
  7. Thank you, imgg and theglamorous!!

    I am a copycat - LOL! I started reading all the Kelly posts and it was all over with!
  8. I'm guilty as well....I'm trying to locate a large one. I personally like the size of the larger one as well as the caviar due to the durability of it. But the small looks great on you too. I'd say go with the one that you will get most use out of.

    Would you be kind enough to tell me the model number of it? Much appreciated!
  9. I like them both. have always loved the durability of the caviar, but i must say it really looks beyond stunning in the lambskin. the size is just right for you.tough decision to make. let us know what you decided.
  10. OMG! I saw the Kelly IRL today, a pretty Chinese woman had it in the crook of her arm and it looked amazing.
  11. JACKPOT! They are both absolutely gorgeous but you know which one I would go for! I am totally biased though. Either way, you cannot go wrong!
  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Good luck parting w/ one!:lol:

  13. I can't find a model number on the Large one??? the numbers on the NM tag read like this:

    323 19 614
    4250 29862
    SKU 8231 2994

    I think I may be returning this one to NM in Chicago ... would you like me to let you know?? I could ask him to hold it for you ....

  14. Very tough! I am leaning towards the Small tho .... I think ....
  15. The NM tag won't have the style # I don't think, those are just their SKU #'s I believe.
    Did it come w/ a box?