Two Juste En Clou's???!!??!!

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  1. Already have a YG JUC bracelet and a RG JUV diamond ring. Am curious to hear from and see photos from people who rock or own two JUC's. Am considering purchasing another in YG or YG with diamonds but would love to hear all thoughts. I currently wear mine on my right wrist with a platinum Tiffany DBTY bracelet and RG diamond ring. Left hand is YG classic love and WG slim love with YG love ring. All thoughts and opinions on this matter welcome!
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  2. IMG_7514.JPG IMG_7515.JPG IMG_7574.JPG IMG_7654.JPG
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  3. I wear my two JUCs 24/7 :smile:

    IMG_8087.JPG IMG_8088.JPG IMG_8089.JPG
  4. I love this look of two JUCs together. It's so wonderfully represented from the Cartier ad. So chic. But I do wonder if that's wg with yg or wg with rg? Anyone knows?

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  5. Very good point! One looks WG and the other RG to me....but very difficult to tell
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  6. Rose Gold. Cartier' yellow gold is very yellow.
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  7. Yes, they are both size 16 :smile:
    Thank you so much! :heart::flowers:
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  8. I just got rose gold juc for my birthday last week and already lusting the white gold juc with diamonds. I love the look of 2 juc bracelets so OP I think you should for it!! I'm not keen on the love bracelets at all since it can't be taken off every day so just have a love ring.
  9. LOVE the RG JUC, lovely birthday gift! Agree it would look fantastic with the WG diamond JUC. Enjoy wearing!
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  10. Your two JUCs look amazing! I'm really keen on getting another one to stack with my one n only JUC. Do the JUCs scratch and bang against each other? Do you think there is more wear and tear cz you are wearing two of them together? Thanks
  11. Here’s my single yellow gold and my double white gold with diamonds. Not bought meant to be worn together, but this thread got me inspired :biggrin:
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  12. And maybe this is how you do a foursome? :giggle:
  13. The only foursome I would ever do :giggle:
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  14. Me, too!! :biggrin:
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