Two jewels - Chanel classic flap and LV White Suhali L'Fabuleux!


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Dec 29, 2005
I had an awesome week in San Francisco; I was there attending a dermatology conference, but I was also there for the shopping and sightseeing as well as performing piano for two swanky dessert functions hosted by a pharmacological company. My parents also came along with me and they were there to see some fabulous sites as well as shop... :smile:

First is a Chanel birthday gift from my parents - medium classic flap caviar in beige. It was so funny how my dad thought that the Chanel was the most functional bag he had ever seen. He liked all the pockets. It was so cute when he was playing around with the bag!


And the current crown jewel of my collection - the white Suhali L'Fabuleux. I bought this for myself. No other reason needed! I've included closeups of the hardware and the exquisite grain of the Suhali goat leather.




I've also attached a few photos from the venues I played at. The first is the Imperial room on the 32nd floor of the Westin St. Francis at Union Square. I loved the is the Yamaha C3 which I play on at home. There was a panoramic view of San Francisco, but it was nowhere near as stunning as the next night when I played at the Carnelian room of the Bank of America. I was higher than the Transamerica building! (see photo) It was an absolutely GORGEOUS dessert function, complete with chocolate fountains, open bar, you name it, they had it. :smile:

It was an honor to play piano for my fellow colleagues (five hours total between two nights!) and they appreciated my completely classical program. Although I was paid, I don't think the money was as valuable as getting my name out there. I think I've been slated to perform at all the upcoming conferences for the next several years, so wish me luck, lol! :smile:

Thanks for looking! This is the best place for sharing the our handbag joys! :love:

Yaaay! Glad you had a good time, and you look gorgeous. I badly, badly want a bag just like the Chanel one you got from your parents. Happy birthday, belated!!