Two Ivybridge trenches, which one to turn into Harbourne?

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  1. DH got me an Ivybridge in trench color early last year as birthday gift at full price. I got another Ivybridge in black later when the incredible Burberry trench sales happened.

    Now I'm thinking of having one of the Ivybridges tailored into a Harbourne so just shortening it basically. I'm 5'3 but always in high heels so the Ivybridge looks great with dresses. I'm thinking Harbourne will work great with pants.

    Need your opinion please. Which Ivybridge to shorten into Harbourne, the trench color or the black? Or keep both of them as Ivybridge?

    TIA!!! :smile:
  2. Keep both of them as Ivybridge!
  3. Thanks ACS! Do you think Ivybridge looks better than harbourne?
  4. I would keep both as they are and try to hunt down a harbourne when it goes on sale...:graucho:
    Harbourne is not only shorter, but also it has a tailored fit. different from Ivybridge...
  5. Petit Papillon, that's good to know! I thought the only difference between Harbourne and Ivybridge is length.
  6. I agree with Petit: You should keep them as they are hunt down a harbourne when it goes on sale. There's great deals to be had with Burberry items this year! ;)