Two happy eBay stories


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
It seems like most of the time we're all venting about the negative experiences on eBay. I've had a couple of nice ones this week, so just wanted to remind everyone that they do happen. Neither were on high-end items. I'm pregnant and just starting to buy baby stuff, so it was just lots of onesies and things, but still, it reminded me of why I do shop on eBay so much.

1) I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I forgot to pay a seller for 5-6 days. I usually pay within one, but every time I'd gone into Paypal last week, it wouldn't pull up my "eBay items won" list, which is what I pay from. I tried clicking the "Pay now" link a couple times as well, and got an error that the data wasn't available and to try again later. I tried probably 5 times in the first three days. Then, with a reorg going on at work and my parents visiting at home, I just forgot. The seller sent me a reminder, and I was so appalled. I sent her back a note explaining and paid right away, since my list finally showed up in Paypal (though pay now still errored for me). She sent me back a really sweet note in reply, which she totally didn't have to do, saying that she wasn't worried, and was just checking in, and that I shouldn't sweat it, it's just eBay.

2) I won three items/lots from one seller. Paypal would only let me pay for two of them together, wouldn't let me combine the third. Well, I only got the two combined items, not the third one. I emailed the seller, and we agreed to wait to see if that one turns up in her house and if not, then she'll refund. But again, I was just so pleased that she was a nice, decent person and so easy to work with.

So, nothing super over the top, but just good people to deal with and a reminder that there are a lot of them out there! So don't lose faith!!