Two hair products for the rest of your life.. which two are you keeping?

  1. I loved that last post with the aliens. Lets jump on the bandwagon and imagine the aliens are also taking our hair stuff.. eeeek.. you can keep the hair dryer thats it.. now what 2 products are you keeping..
    I'll start.. my Redkin smooth down, and my Paul Mitchell freeze hair spray.
  2. LOL I seriously think there should be one of these threads in EVERY subforum. I :heart: hypothetical alien takeovers!!!! :tup: :lol:

    Do you mean products not including shampoo and conditioner? And do tools other than a hairdryer count as products? I'm not that into hair products, so this wouldn't be difficult for me...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Ok you can have the hairdryer and your shampoo and conditoner, the aliens don't need them just yet, the makeup and the hair products are enough to fuel their crafts for now. So, what two products do you need to get you through life.. you can have your hair dryer and straightner..
  4. shampoo and conditoner!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think it would be Kerastase Forcintense & GHD hair straighteners.
  6. My FHI flat iron and my biosilk
  7. Biosilk and my T3!!
  8. Hmmm....Redken Extreme Anti-Snap treatment and Bio-silk :smile:
  9. Ok, thank god I can keep my shampoo and conditioner! Next to that... my hairstraightner and Charles Worthington leave-in conditioner.
    Btw, claireZk, I love that Bed Head curler!
  10. i can have my straightener?!?! YES!
    ok, i would keep my Mario Tricoci hair spray...i dont use anything else besides a comb. ok wait, i lied. i would want my Mario Tricoci hair wax too (dont use it often, but would be nice to keep!)
  11. GHD styler and Nexxus Headress
    Oooh, ok, the styler doesn't count, soooooo the Headress and Pureology Shine spray.
  12. My GHD iron and Fekkai wave spray.
  13. Oh, good, I can have my CHI.

    Then it's Redken Heat Glide serum and Frizz Ease straightening spray.
  14. Phew, I get my straightener!

    I guess my two items would be my Aveda serum and hair wax.
  15. Well, if I can keep my Chi flat iron, I'd choose Aussie's double personality mousse, and FF glossing cream.