two Foresta bags on evil ebay now!! they are so adorable!!

  1. wowwwww... the other foresta zucca that was on eBay (oh like maybe a month or less ago?) only went for $250 as far as i recall. this person is kinda reaching, imho. as far as foresta goes, the placement isn't even that amazing... i'd rather have different parts of the scenes on front and back.
  2. yeah, not as good, but better than water scene though.

    Trust me, someone will buy this. a month ago, there was one with just water scene and it was sold right away. Someone will buy this, if not from US, someone from out of country, it always happens. lolz
  3. ahh nice foresta zucca :smile: but the price is too high for me....*sigh*
  4. lol I wish I could see this auction ... but it's going for more than $250?? That's insane but yah I'm sure someone will snatch it up.
  5. Those prices are waaaay too high! (Especially for those pattern placements, IMO)
  6. You make my foresta zucca placement seems so horrible. :crybaby: hehe. At first I felt the same way about the water scene, but now I think it's really awesome to have both the blue water and the green tree/background.
  7. i wouldnt be surprised if someone from here got it. or the person who gets it to come in here showing off the bag and the huge debt, cause lets face it, either some people poop money, are related to someone in the Forbes list or swim in debt, and are willing to mortgage their houses and sell their children for handbags, in particular foresta zuccas. and why is that? because sellers come in here and know whats "Rare" and whats not. and thats an old topic.

    true story.
  8. the zucca is really nice for someone who loves:heart: the apples and monkeys. It really stinks that Sandy is under the strap on the back:tdown:. The back would be perfect for me if it were shifted quite a bit up and to the left
  9. i love the monkeys but not the apples haha i think im pretty content on my foresta collection even though its not that big but i sure wont swim in debt for a zucca!

    qtiekiki: aww..dont worry your zucca :rochard: I too didnt really like the water scene, but i think its nice to have both scenes to capture the prints :biggrin:
  10. I love the water scene :biggrin: well because I used to have goldfish (well comets really) and the koi remind me of my fishies ... they lived 15+ years :biggrin:
  11. I love the shark in the water scene on Foresta - the shark is one of my favorite characters.
  12. Heh, those cute sasquatch people hiding behind the trees are mine...that and the dino egg lolz.
  13. I like the sasquatch and dino egg too! The whole clump of characters in my icon are my other favorites, including the frog who is cut off... I have a lot of Foresta favorites. :p
  14. I agree ... someone will buy it.