Two fer Two

  1. I'm the proud owner of two Hermes' accessories. My second treasure is a beige Dalvy bracelet. I wanted a bracelet that would match my handbag that is on order.
    IMG_1643.JPG IMG_1642.JPG IMG_1641.JPG IMG_1637.JPG
  2. Oh Love it:smile: looks absolutely wonderful on you (beautiful hands) and when will your bag come?
  3. I ordered the bag back in early September. It is a 30cm poissiere clemence Birkin. Poissiere is a dirty beige. So it will be approximately one long year....Thanks...
  4. OOOh lovely !!! I know it's hard the wait... but that sounds a gorgeous bag... worth the long wait :smile:
  5. Pretty bracelet!
  6. This is a new SS2008 colour, isn't it?

    Congratulations! I have not seen your leather bracelet before ... :tup:
  7. Congrats... love the bracelet!! I'll have to see if my H store has anything like that in stock...
  8. Yes, it is a new color. So whenever I mention it, I can clearly see the bewilderment on some people's faces. I wanted a bag in a color that would work well with the colors I wear. I fell in love with the color, but etoupe was a close second.
  9. Looks great on you C. Luv the Halloween decor!!:devil:
  10. Birkin123, I purchased it from a reseller in Australia because I was having a hard time trying to find a new bracelet at Hermes in that color. I was extremely hesitant to purchase it, but I did my research. It has only been worn a couple of times. The seller emailed me many pictures from different angles with the authenticity stamps, too. I love it, and it is a quality piece.
  11. Sus, we had our annual Halloween party yesterday. A couple of hours before the party started, my bracelet arrived. I was so busy yesterday that I only had time to look at it, and place it back in the box. Today, I'm savoring it....
  12. Birkin123, it's stamped E. So I have know idea if it is still in production.
  13. coleigh, I was disappointed to learn awhile back that the Dalvy bag is discontinued, and had no idea there was a matching bracelet until today. It's stunning on you. Congrats. :smile:
  14. I love the colour. I have a dalvy bag, but I have not seen the bracelet until now. What a lovely piece! I hope your matching bag arrives soon.
  15. Phew. I thought your place was just really, really dirty!:p
    The bracelet looks great on you. I've tried it on before in black, but it did not look like it does on you. Can't wait to see the bag.