Two Fendi Spy bags in two days, I need help

  1. Just said in the topic, I bought two Fendi Spy bags in two days. I felt little overwhelming, someone needs to stop me. :yes:

    Before I started read this forum, I never thought of I would like Fendi spy. After I saw all the pictures of your beautiful Fendi Spy collection, I went crazy. I sold my two beloved Balenciaga bags, and bought two Fendi Spy. :yahoo::wlae:

    Here are the links of two bags I bought, I will post pictures once I receive them. Should I keep both of them, or just one? :p
  2. Very nice deals on both--they are pretty different colors, so I could see keeping both, but hard to say since we don't know what you already have.
  3. They are both very pretty, and I agree with Lit... without knowing what other bags you have, it's hard to choose one!

    These bags are absolutely addictive! I got my first spy just a few weeks ago and since I got it, I have been furiously selling off my chloes and Marc Jacobs bags (not all, but many) to fund.... another spy! I'm getting the black patent leather one. :yahoo:

    A word of advice from a fellow fendi newbie: Do not look at Saich's or Litigatrix's collections unless you want to be hit with some very serious bag envy. :heart:
  4. Congrats, both the spies you've picked are gorgeous! Keep them both since the colors are very different from one another.
  5. They are both gorgeous - if you can afford it keep them both! If I had to pick one I would pick the first one - I love it
  6. how can u ladies trust these sites? $1100 for a $2300 bag? there has to be a catch, how can they afford to sell them a thousand dollars off? :tdown:
  7. You can get good deals. Jomashop is authentic (do a search). There are heaps of experts (myself not included) that can pick a fake spy miles away.

    Was so tempted to get the gold metallic from Jomashop, but by the time I decided, sold out! I reckon you should keep both if you can baiyi. If not I prefer the 2nd one.
  8. the Fendi Spy in GREY and keep one of your balenciaga...can't believe you parted with BOTH your balenciaga...
  9. I guess it's overhead cost, no expensive renting space, no SAs and paying them commissions, no advertising, no catalog printings like Saks, Neiman, Fendi boutiques, etc...

    I wonder if Jomashop got their bags directly from Fendi. Grey must be a very unpopular color because they have tons of it. I tried to put 15 on my cart and they have 15. It's crazy.

    I have no comments about the seller on eBay. $1100 for a brand new bag, even before eBay&paypal fees? She must be a SA and got it at a really good discount and then sell it at a lost, or she got it as a gift.
  10. Congrats, I love the cognac best!
  11. You bought the other one from eBay so I guess you can't return it. It's okay to have two Spys, you know? I am thinking about adding the black patent one to my collection. :yahoo:

    But if you can't afford both, then relist the cognac and keep the Grey. I think Grey is very in right now, and gives you that feminin, classy, and elegance look.

    My father bought one last year in Vegas and I got a lot of compliments and head-turns when I carried it. It really got me more attention than my dark chocolate.
  12. Difficult choice, but I like the brown one the most.
  13. Here are the pictures of Fendi Grey Spy and Greige Balenciaga purse. They are both in very similar color, but totally different feeling.

    I sold my Balenciaga ink work and black first. I really didn't put much of use to those two bags. I still have the Balenciaga ink city and greige purse which I am going to keep.
    DSC01059.JPG DSC01074.JPG
  14. yes, I know I have to keep the brown one, just debating myself on the grey fendi spy since I already have a balenciaga greige purse. I love both of them
  15. I don't know, that seller sold lots of authentic highend designer stuff. I have the same question on Jomashop as well, but it seems like they do sell the authentic products. I will post the picture of the bag I received.