Two Faridahs side by side - which one would you pick?

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  1. I still haven't decided on which Faridah to get but I narrowed it down to these 2 since the grey is nowhere to be found:


    which would you choose for an everyday spring/summer bag?

    my other summer bag is cream with gold hardware
  2. thank you for that picture, seeing them side by side, I prefer the green
  3. i agree. the green.

    what mbmj boutique is that? it looks so big compared to nyc.
  4. green!
  5. A vote for Green also
  6. Definitely grass green. It's much prettier irl life than the acid yellow. Since you've already got a cream bag why don't you get the green one? As the green one is more attention grabbing than the yellow one
  7. Green Ive seen it IRL its beautiful!!
  8. Definitely the green! :tup:
  9. Green
  10. green!!!
  11. Another vote for green.. this faridah somehow looks bigger than the yellow one..
  12. While I do like the green, I'm not a big fan of that shiny gold hardware, so I vote for yellow! Plus, I like the older Faridah compared to the new one.
  13. Another vote for green ! it looks so rich and lush :love:
  14. Compared like that, I like the yellow! But they are both beautiful!
  15. Yellow, but then again, I hate green.