two fall bag photos in PEOPLE STYLE WATCH...

  1. In People Style Watch for Fall 2006 (the one with Kate Hudson on the front), there are two new photos of Coach bags. The first one is the python Legacy satchel ( :wtf: $2,500!? the photos are the people who already bought it.) and the second one is the patent gallery tote, which I LOVE. Very cute! It's only $358 too, much more doable! The color is mahogony. :heart: Sorry for the small pics, my computer is still being a pain with uploading things!

    people1.jpg people2.jpg
  2. I love that satchel....but too expensive. Even if it makes it to outlets (Which I seriously doubt) it would still cost around $2000.00. I don't really like the's too shiny for me. Not unless it's just the glare of the pic.
  3. its patent, so its always going to be shiny, but do you like the embossed C look? i was looking through the lookbook and they had a more muted type of tote. there was also this leather satchel, that looked DELICIOUS that isnt shiny, hopefully the pictures served the bags justice though.
  4. also if you like the python pursefanatic, i remember theres some bags with stripes of python on the bag.
  5. I love them both, but the python is out of my budget.:sad: I think the embossed one is pretty; I think of that bag as something that would go with a really nice black suit or other fairly conservative outfit. I do remember that several seasons ago they had some other embossed bags, but I don't believe the leather was nearly as shiny. Maybe it wasn't patent leather?
  6. I dont like the fact that the first is made of python but I love that style! And I love the gallery tote in that color, so cute! I wish I could afford them :sad:
  7. Coach is stepping it up.
  8. I like the shape and color but python freaks me out!
  9. The legacy satchel is cute but at $2500, it puts it right on line with a Chloe python silverado (which I like better).
  10. That is the first time I have seen the shiny tote and surprisingly, I really like it. Does it have a top zipper? How much was it?
  11. Mandy is such a big fan of Coach! I remember she has a couple other hot pieces from Coach as well
  12. I really like the python bag, no way would I pay that for a coach, but I really like the style. I wonder if they will make a more leather version of that bag, I would totally go for that!
  13. mandy moore isn't just a fan....she was the spokesperson for Coach Japan at one point....may still be.
  14. yup their making a leather satchel as well, its either available september or december right? ir emember when i was drooling in the look book..
  15. Augh, a 2,500$ Coach bag !! It's hotter than the ones that they tried out before (the royal blue python bags).. but I don't know, I think I'd rather buy a Silverado !