Two Fake Hermes Sightings Today

  1. And both were at the Brea Mall ...

    The first one was a baby pink Birkin that was definitely fake. The shade of pink was not a Hermes shade and the shape of the bag was off. The Hermes Paris stamp was also off.

    The second one was at Sephora. It was a black Birkin with white stitching but the handles were soooo elongated that the person was wearing it like a shoulder bag (definitely not the shoulder Birkin).

    it's rare to have two fake Birkin sightings within the same hour, on the same day and at the same mall ...
  2. must have been horrifying...!

    i saw an apple green [not vert anis or pale] one the other day... the handles were really long, it was closed but the stamp was on the front of the flap ...kwim? it was gruesome
  3. I saw one leaving a Starbuck's with was Black with gold...but again like y'all, the Handles were way long. I told hubby and he said really loud "WHERE IS IT...It's FAke?" Duh, he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut:shrugs:
  4. ^^That is so funny NHL! My DH is totally like that--not very subtle! Kou!! I love your new avatar--great Goyard!
  5. The funniest fakes I have seen recently...a blue ostrich/toile birkin, with waaay too long handles lined with suede! at bergdorf, and a weird shade of gold with a shiny white-ish lining at the N.Y. hermes boutique...that lady kept "tossing" it around like she wanted someone to say something...or authenticate it, :nuts:, :wtf: it was SOOOO fake,wrong leather, lining, handles, hardware (circles in the plates), but the SA's acted very politely, and said nothing.:angel:
    and just kept showing her scarves!:lol:
  6. ^ ha ha.Good one!
  7. i cannot believe someone went shopping at Bergdorf wearing a hideous fake! That is the snootiest store I've ever been to and I can't imagine the salespeople not snickering.
    I'm disheartened by the reaction of the SA's at Hermes because I would hope that they'd be very stern, although i mean, what can tehy really say unless she asked for some work done to it, there isn't much. That's just obnoxious going in there like that, however.
    Fake Vert Anis Birkin spotting at South Coast Plaza a while ago. Again, straps were too long and it wasn't a shoulder Birkin, leather looked rough and not high quality, shape was trying- really, really hard- but couldn't cut it.
  8. No, the SA's will not say anything...since that would be against the rules. They just have a good laugh when they go "to the back". I think alot of these ladies WRONGLY assume that if no one said anything it must be real.
    Saying anything would be a form of "authentication"...strictly forbidden.
  9. ^^^That is right, avandome....when I was at the H boutique, a lady was holding a brown Birkin-looking bag, but TURNED FACING INTO HER BODY. I asked the SA if I should ask her to see her Birkin for size....."He didn't say anything"...NOPE< NADA, Zilch....just like you said. Just mentioned it might not be one of their leathers???? Handles were long and the bags leather wasn't great looking. She was with her husband and child. Maybe she was going to get it authenticated?
  10. ok, ladies...i've got the ultimate fake story. how about a snooty hermes SA not only owning but carrying a fake birkin to work!!!???!! yes yes, indeed it was true. she didn't know i knew though. another SA informed me when i pointed out the "birkin" behind her (when i was checking out) and asked her about the leather and color. "oh, it belongs to her (pointing to the snooty SA) and it's fake. she's only bringing it to work bc the manager is out of town otherwise she'd get fired!". hahahhahaaha
  11. Maybe she wanted to get info on the bag...but I have to say, it would be terribly rude if SA's started to go up to people telling them to take their fakes "outta here"!:s :lol:
  12. :confused1: :wtf: :shrugs: that is nuts!
  13. All I have to say is :wtf: I can't believe it....that has to be the ultimate fake sighting story ever:yucky:
  14. How diplomatic. If its not "one of your leathers" then its not made by Hermes. There isn't like a leather depot where Hermes has dibs on racks 1-4 and this leather happens to be from rack 5! It's the most polite way ever of saying "its fake". hehe
  15. My SA told me about an English lady flaunting a fake in the store with an Echo scarf attached. She claims they can tell in a minute it's fake because the fakes don't hold their shape more than 3 days.