Two fair BIN's now on eBay!

  1. The first seller had at least three other BIN's listed earlier today that have already gone ... but my favorite was the Lilac tote. I just can't quite bring myself to buy it since I really want a City for my first B-bag.

    Also I wasn't sure about authenticity - how can you tell - do you know of the seller?
  2. i wish the lilac hobo seller would post more than 1 pic. the pale box seems to be pretty worn. but the price is right for both.
  3. Just ask for more photo's fiat.
    It looks like they just took a shot of the bag sitting in "their" store...hopefully it's their store *L*
  4. I agree get more pics before you decide. Otherwise, those are pretty good prices. Good luck! :smile:
  5. Balenciagian: (Noun) A Balenciaga hand bag addict (???) :roflmfao:

    If these keep popping up, I'm going to seriously breakdown. I'm trying to be good until spring 2007.... trying!! :shame:

    Those are great deals!!
  6. Yeesh.. don't know about you guys.. but my red flag is up. Maybe it's just me but I'm tres leary of eBay. It definitely looks like a store. And if they were the owner of the store then surely they will know how Balenciaga is spelt. Or even if they don't own the store, if you were selling these high end bags, you'd make it a point to know your dang product, right?

    Sorry for the negative tone of this post but after reading about Luccibag's ordeal, I'm kinda agitated.
  7. looks like an ink box, black city, cognac courier... but there are a few weird things- one of the brown bags has a pic of the ink box (mistake maybe?) also the seller has a spy with stock photos (looks like ioffer pics)...

    too weird for me!

    ETA: the rose box looks OK to me though
  8. People make spelling mistakes a LOT on eBay. I say get more photo's those prices are pretty good.
  9. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  10. I'm getting leary of ebay too! The fakes really drive me nuts. I wonder whether the seller is listing these for a friend to buy. I mispelled balenciaga once so someone could purchase a bag from ebay from me, and not have it snagged by another.
  11. Yeah, I can understand that:smile:

    It's funny about this seller tho.. They have 2 Bbag listings spelt correctly but 4 that are spelt "Balenciagan". Also, their descriptions leave a bit to be desired. Plum (prune) colour?? Lol! I will email them with pics and description;) Will report back soon as I hear something.
  12. Sue, you and I think alike. That black classique looks weird. I wonder if this is another authentic mixed with fakes situation.
  13. do you think the scuff marks/dirt can be cleaned from the rose box?