Two exciting things to share with my B-Girls...

  1. First- my '04 Black City is here:yahoo: ! I've been looking for this for soooo long. Alert readers may remember that I fell off my purse ban for this as it was totally Fate! It's exactly what I wanted..slouchy, soft, edgy. PERFECT!
  2. And the second thing.......

    I'm PREGNANT!!!!
  3. Awesome bag!! Such a classic cool look!! It looks gorgeous on you, and I love the outfit to debut it with!!
  4. :nuts: AHHHH!! Just read the second thing!!! Congratulations!! Such a happy time!!!
  5. :yahoo: Congratulations! :yahoo:

    When is the new fashion addict expected?
  6. Congrats on the bag AND the baby!!!! The leather looks so smooshy! Black citys are THE best!
  7. THANK YOU!!!
    I feel so guilty since we JUST found out and haven't even told people yet...but I just can't keep it in any longer and I'm always here anyway:p ...
    It should be a little Halloween pumpkin...
  8. congrats! best wishes to you!
  9. congrats on the fabulous bag and the pregnancy! wishing you the best.
  10. Awww, congratulations x2 style!!!
  11. :yahoo: :yahoo: Great bag and congrats Miz Stylefly!! Now you will have to get a pumpkin B-bag to match your pumpkin baby! :tender:
  12. He he he...I actually had the pumpkin bag already (a First) ...
    I hope the kid doesn't come out orange though....:p
  13. aww.. that is wonderful. Congratulations.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. CONGRATS on your 2 babies!!!!!
  15. stylefly, congratulations on BOTH counts, the little pumpkin this Halloween, IMO, the bigger news of the two! :drinkup:

    That 04 Black City, btw, looks absolutely HUGGABLE!