Two exact same bag???

  1. I just got my Cerises Pochette yesterday and love it to death:tender: I'm scared to use it now knowing that it's limited edition cos the cerises are soo cute.:shame: OK , has anyone thought or bought two of the exact same bag? Or is this SILLY :Push: ? BTW thanks to everyones kind words...once again :heart: you all!
  2. I don't think it's silly, but why not get another different pochette so you can switch off? Pochettes and cles are my kind of signature thing I have like 6 or 7 of each, this way I can enjoy all of them and switch off often enough that they don't get a lot of wear...... I've been using my cerises cles for about 3 months now and I'm just about ready to switch to a different one, though the cerises is holding up great! I think the cerises does better than the MC with the wearing issues.....
  3. I forget who it was, but a PFer bought two of the same bags. Its in one of the collection pictures. I dont think you are crazy to buy two of the same bags.
  4. :nuts: :nuts: 6 or 7 of each you go girl! Glad to hear it won't 'rub' off as much though. Yeah you're right maybe I should hunt down another one:nuts:
  5. well I've been collecting them for about 10 years....I have a mono, a damier, 2 epi's, a black mc, and a few "other brand" versions (gucci, prada, burberry, balenciaga, MJ) then the cles I have a vernis, mono, MC, cerises, mono mini, epi, and another vernis on the way....I use them every single day though......and some are pretty old....I've actually been soooo back and forth about the cerises pochette. I got my BH last summer along with my cerises cles, almost got the cerises pochette at that time but decided to get a damier and justified to myself that I at least got ONE thing's soooo cute though and if I didn't have other pochettes I would have gotten it!
  6. I think your purses are for enjoying and wearing. How sad would it be, sitting in the closet, not being worn!! I wouldn't get identical bags- maybe same bag different print and enjoy them. Wear them and love them!!!
  7. ya, i remember someone here on PF has two spys of the same color green- both fantastic of course! i'm so happy for you that you are soo pleased with your purchase! may you always be so happy!
  8. It would be sad in the closet, that's why I like my idea of having a couple different ones meaning same pochette but different canvases/leathers, works for me and all my bags stay in nice shape, they don't look brand new, but also not abused.......I just enjoy my things even more when they stay looking good....I don't need a bag to wear out to buy a new one, I buy a new one to give one a break.....maybe it's just me....
  9. If you look at my collection, you can see I had two Maries!!! I've since sold one already though!!!

    I don't have any of the same bags in my collection at all though I have the same style in different colors. Same goes for my shoes and my clothes. I mean, if it looks good, it looks good right? LOL!!! :graucho:
  10. I think some people also buy two bags - one to use and one to sell later in mint condition - like in the case of the cerises speedies!
  11. I totally do that with stuff, if I like something I'll get it in a bunch of colors......I figure it takes A LOT for me to really like something so I better get a few versions of it while I can....
  12. Perhaps Star ?
    She bought 2 denim speedies and 2 denim baggy's and i'm sure more :biggrin:
  13. Hey mas2388 ! Now I remember you got two Maries:graucho: What!You sold one without consulting me???:crybaby: :lol:
    Thank you jenn4lv and emmuna you girls are so sweet
    Lola24 maybe add another Pochette (Cerises) to your collection, think about it...:graucho:
    mcg3897 Thank you, but I'm still too 'chicken' to use it but you're right it's for wearing AND enjoying:smile:
  14. :wtf: :nuts: I wish I can afford to double everything I have.:P
  15. :roflmfao: so do I