two ebay questions

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  1. Good morning and a Happy New Year!

    I have two questions about selling shoes on eBay.

    I am selling a bunch of shoes that have boxes, but i don't know how to price the shipping. When selling shoes that include boxes, do you list two shipping prices, one for shoes shipped with boxes and one without in case the buyer doesn't want the box? What is the standard price for shipping a pair of heels within the u.s.?

    does anyone use auctiva? I am using it for the first time and i wonder if auctiva checkout is easier/cheaper than eBay checkout.

    Thank you.
  2. I don't use Auctiva. . .
    For Ladies' heels, since they're light {as long as they aren't wedge} I'd ship in the box and slip right into a FREE Priority envelope and charge $7.
  3. i am a little wierd about shipping shoes. there are special priority shoe boxes now- i can't remember if they fit the box or not. i think it depends on the box. usually i will wrap the box in tissue, then in bubble wrap, then in brown paper and ship it that way. i am very careful about these things- even cheap ones. i would charge anywhere from say 7/8 dollars to 10/12 depending on the price of the shoes (meaning if they have to be insured and for how much) and the weight of them.

    without boxes i still wrap them in tissue and bubble wrap and then in a priority bag. unless they're knock around shoes or cheap- then in a tyvek.
  4. i should say i'm a little wierd about shipping anything. i wrap thing like they're presents and am extra careful and use lots of tissue, plastic bags in case it rains etc.

    i don't use autiva. i use turbolister.
  5. I've purchased shoes on eBay and at this point I ask if the seller puts the shoe box in a regular box or ships it in the shoebox and if they don't use a priority box, I usually won't bid because the shoe boxes get crushed. Since that it how I store my shoes, I expect an uncrushed shoe box. I also usually won't buy shoes that don't come in their shoebox because I assume they will be banged up. I'm not sure how many other bidders feel this way, but this might give you a sense of what some of them are thinking about when they look at your listings. If I'm selling shoes, usually $10-$12.50 is what I charge for shipping, depending upon weight and I include insurance with that.
  6. When I've bought shoes off ebay, the sellers have shipped them in their boxes, usually with an extra cardboard box on the outside, or in a padded cardboard box. I've never received beat up shoes before, and I'm in Europe. I don't know about shipping within the US (you can weigh the package and calculate shipping at USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service), though) but to have a pair of heels shipped to Europe I usually pay around $25-30 (and I'm not sure how much for boots, but probably around $50 or something. I forget) :flowers:
  7. I am not a fan of shipping shoes in an envelope. I've had shoes shipped to me in an envelope and I have to admit I wasn't too happy. I always ship shoes in the original box or some other box. It usually costs $12 to ship within the US.
  8. If you are going to do any serious selling on ebay, you might want to invest in a scale. You can get one at a place that sells pots and pans. I weigh the items in the box I'm shipping. You can look up USPS and UPS weights through ebay/PayPal. I can ship most things within the US for about $12.

    Lorihmatthews, I'm with you. I hate receiving shoes (or anything except for some clothes) in envelopes.
  9. I use a shipping calculator. They are optional to use and all you do is put in the weight of the item. I use auctiva and it's cheaper to list with auctiva than listing directly on eBay.