two different sized flaps in same color???

  1. thanks everyone for being so helpful. it is sooo hard to make decisions on sizes/colors/styles!! do you think it is silly to have both a med/lg and jumbo classic? they are the same black color but with different color hardware .however. i feel they suit diffferent purposes and i am scared to do a color as i may not use it as often. after all, these are expensive purchases. i would do the jumbo in beige, however, cannot find one. what do you all think??
  2. Have you considered white? I looove white.

    If, however, you're set on black, I find nothing wrong with that. The med/lg can be used more for evening while the jumbo I find can be used day (and also night) because of it's large size. Since you're getting different color h/w that also makes them more different. You can never have enough flaps lol. :yes:
  3. The beige jumbo is a classic style and the jumbos usually pop up at the beginning of a collection. If you want to get something different why not wait till the cruise collections start coming in next month. I think both bags in black would be too similar.
  4. IMO different sizes and different hardware make different bags. I have black jumbo with gold h/w and medium with gold h/w. Since I use them for different purposes, I wouldn't consider getting rid of either.

    in your case, you might be stuck in a 'black bag' rut. If you get a color, you have to make an effort to use it instead of reaching for your comfort bags.

    When I buy a color, I immediately make two outfits to match the bag and try to wear one within 2 weeks. And beige is such a neutral...just like brown or grey.

    Good luck!
  5. Funny you should mention this. I was wondering the same but NO, its not silly. They are two different bags that have two different functions. In fact I have a black caviar jumbo silver h/w, and med classic gold as well as white jumbo and white caviar med classic. I LOVE it. They serve two purposes and most of all they will be USED and enjoyed.

    Here are mine...

    White jumbo for every day (spring/summer)

    white med. for light carry or for dressy clothes which jumbo would not work


    same with black...
    big difference in size. Here I have hardware color difference.
  6. The HW makes big difference. Go with what you love.
  7. no at all, i have a jumbo and a med in caviar with gold h/w. at first i wasnt sure about two bags in same color but then its like buying the same bag twice in two separate colors.

    as long as you like it and use it i think it is ok.
  8. Go with what you like. If you think you're going to be using both of the bags then yes, why not have two of the same color? However, if you have a preference of one over the other, I'm afraid you will end up using that one bag that you like better and totally ignore the second one. That's what happened to me and I'm regretting desperately now.
  9. One thing for sure, if you ever tire of one of them, they retain their value VERY well and you can resell and buy one in another color any time you want.
  10. thanks sooo much for all your help!!! this is such a great forum!