Two different Bullseyes?

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  1. I noticed the Bullseye Mandeville on the Bloomingdales site has a blue circle on the bullseye. I think it has also been photographed backwards. Is this a Bloomingdales exclusive or does L.A.M.B. have two different Bullseye collections?

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  2. We talked about it when the Bullseye popped up on elux, those bags are the samples that get sent out to the retailers so they can take stock photos. The ones that were actually produced are slightly different.
  3. ^ I wanted to add that you are right, they did photograph it backwards! I think saks did the same thing with the WL alston, the pic didn't do it justice without showing off the front pocket!
  4. Oh thanks! I kinda like the blue though. So we would not be able to get a blue Bullseye at all? I could go for an Eton in the blue. I see the Eton on eLux now. I am glad to know that if I did order though - it would be red, not blue. Hopefully the price will come down.

    Sorry I didn't search first. Noob mistake :s
  5. No worries! I think it was talked about long ago while we still had our beloved giant thread. I don't think you'd be able to get a BE bag like that unless you went to the sample sale....but then that makes an excuse to go to NY!:graucho:
  6. Well I do fly to the east coast at least once a month :graucho:. If they HAD a sample sale I would definetely plan my schedule around it!

    My DH would have me committed if he found out what goes on behind buying handbags. He thought I took him to Vegas to party, but my real intention was to go to shopping :P
  7. Well keep an eye/ear out for the sample sale! It happens around December if I remember right.
  8. not BE, but was the Rasta colors backwards? I saw some old photos and the green was on the top and red on bottom. On the bag I have and have seen at stores, it's the other way around.
    i sorta like the green on top....any idea about this one? sorry if this was discussed already on the huge orig thread .
  9. Yep those were samples too. I missed out on this killer rasta mandeville that was like that. I kept second-guessing and then it was gone. :crybaby: Let me torture myself some more and show you the picture...


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  10. ^^:crybaby:. I'ts beautiful!
  11. :crybaby: I know
  12. Awww...the one that got away! Remember how that seller had that sample rasta commodore too? I really liked how the samples had those intricate logo plaque with the rhinestones.
  13. Oh my gosh !! I LOVE that Rasta !! Why oh why did they not produce them that way ???...

    Rhinestones on the Rasta ?!?!! PICS??
  14. I didn't save any of the pics but on the originals (the samples) the logo enamel plaque on the inside of all the bags wasn't like how we see it now with leather around it. It was some detailed metal thing that had rhinestones (I think?? I swear that's what I saw) on the metal. I wish I had a pic! Maybe knasarae has one.
  15. it sounds HOT !