Two Deceased Triplets Removed From Abdomen of 1-Year-Old Girl

  1. JAKARTA (AFP) - Doctors at an Indonesian hospital on Sumatra island Tuesday removed from a one-year-old girl her two deceased triplets, a hospital official said.

    Two bodies were successfully removed from inside the abdomen of the girl in surgery, said Irayanti, head of medical services at the main state hospital in the West Sumatra city of Padang.
    "They are believed to have been two triplets that did not develop," she told AFP, adding that the girl had initially been diagnosed as having abdominal tumours.
    The five-hour surgery was complicated as the main aortas of the two deceased triplets had been linked to the surviving girl, who was now in a stable condition, Irayanti said.
    One of the bodies was complete except for limbs but the second had only a head with hairs and part of its digestive system. The pair would have been lifeless when the girl was born, she added.;_ylt=Ahbjpie_cG_DKBVmoBB9eKkE1vAI
  2. I heard about this on tv tonight, but didn't really look. I'm glad the lil girl is now stable. Hope she'll be okay.
  3. wow...that is really really creepy

    but at least the little girl will be ok...
  4. I'm such a horrible person ... all I keep thinking about is the aunt from Big Fat Greek Wedding ....
  5. oh jeez.......glad she's okay.
  6. This is more common than people know. Something happens in utero and the surviving child "absorbs" the other baby or babies. I've heard of parasitic twins before, this is the first I've heard of triplets however.

    Modern medicine is amazing. Hope the little girl recovers well.
  7. ^I agree. . . I've seen some fascinating documentaries on Discovery Health about this.
    It's so bizarre.
  8. ^ I also remember a story about this on Ripley's Believe It or Not! In that case, it was about an adult man who had his twin brother still growing inside of him! They at first thought it was a cyst or tumour which made his belly expand throughout the years, but then found his brother instead.

    I'm glad the girl is okay though. I hope she doesn't get too creeped out as she gets older.
  9. The body is an amazing thing! We are so lucky modern medicine can give this little girl a shot at having a healthy life.
  10. This is like that story of the "Pregnant man"
  12. So bizarre. Not being mean, but really kind of creepy to me also.
  13. ^ I agree, it is kind of creepy. I'm glad the little girl will be fine though.
  14. My cousin had trouble getting pregnant and they found a growth on her ovary. It was a twin her body had mostly reabsorbed, but there was hair and even a tooth in the growth (she had it removed). Very creepy, but I am so glad the surgery looks like it was a success and the girl is now stable.
  15. I've been reading a lot of cases like this... many benign cysts in women's bodies DO have hair and teeth, from a reabsorbed twin. There's some amazing things our bodies do.