Two Days Until My Bags Come Home!

  1. I took a deep breath and shipped my Kelly and Plume to Alaska last month for a little sprucing up and got the call today that they are on their way home to me! I'll share pics when I get them back - both were in pretty good shape to begin with - both black box with the usual scratches from normal wear - ooooh... I can't wait for Friday!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. YAY!!!!! It's awful when they're away, isn't it?
  3. oh yeah!!!
  4. Hope those days go by FAST... can't wait for your pictures!!! Your bags just sound divine :smile:
  5. Thanks all! It was actually pretty fast - about 3 weeks?
  6. both at once? you are so brave. well you must be darn homesick for them now, they will be so fresh and clean!
  7. OH, I am happy you got the call that they are on their way home to you!!! Cannot wait to see pics!!
  8. I always love getting those calls!!!! YAAY!!!! Your babies are on their way home again!!!!
  9. Wow... Alaska? That's very far! Is there any Hermes store there?

    Anyway, so glad to hear that they are on the way home. They will come home shiny and clean.
  10. Great news. Quick arrange a special night out with your babies and please post some before/after pics.
  11. How exciting!! Those are some gorgeous bags, can´t wait to see them!
  12. I can't wait to see your pictures!!
  13. Only one more day now - you are brave to send them both together!
  14. You are one brave chica to send them both together! :yes:
    Can't wait to see your pictures of them
  15. Thanks all! I don't know what made me send both at once - I just went for it. I called the store before I shipped to check the process, then I called when they arrived and bonded with the guys in receiving who initially said, "we don't have that delivery." Aaaah! They quickly found it though and then Katie (?) called me to talk about pricing and timeframe. I got all clammy when she said Claude had looked at my bags. He touched MY bags!? The one and only, himself? :heart: Oh, I am suuuuuuch a nerd....