Two Days available on Bluefly right now

  1. booo, mohagany is sold out. not fast enough i guess.
  2. Yea, they go fast, sorry you missed out. Earlier today, I saw a mahogany work, and it was gone within a few minutes.
  3. I got a silver hardware day & a wallet -- sure hope they are real!!!
  4. I posted mine in the authentication thread when I got it, it was good :tup:
  5. :sad: i'm extra-late for the moghany :crybaby:
  6. the sienna sgh day is lovely!
  7. The mahongany Day is back, or they are listing another one
  8. darn the days are gone.
  9. :hysteric: I want one! I always forget about bluefly, now I'll stalk it. ;)
  10. YAY!! I just got my first deal ever!! :yahoo:

    Hit refresh on BlueFly and there she was... Cinnamon Day. She's mine! I can't wait til she gets here!! :nuts:
  11. Oooohhh, congrats! Did you save the Bluefly stock picture, I want to see the color :smile:
  12. Anyone know how to make pics bigger in posts?

    I did save the stock pic! ;) Here she is:

  13. Oh, I think that's the same one as mine, can't wait to see when you get it! :okay:
  14. Ahhhh.too bad...gone....and the Tabac (tobacco) day GSH is GORGEOUS!