Two CLs and 1 Gucci

  1. Hi,
    I finally got the chance to post pix of my new shoes. Got the black CL yoyo and Nude Prive.....and one black Gucci, which I got last around June..still new in the box. For some reason, didn't think about wearing them but will soon I hope. What u guys think? (plz excuse my nasty toes and dry skin rite now) ..need to get a pedicure soon. Also, before I wear my CLs, I need to 'prep' them with foot pedals or whatever those things call to put on the bottom of my heels to keep them in good condition. Thanks for listening :smile:
    ***without flash***

    ** with flash **
  2. I like all three, and they are gorgeous on your feet :tup:
  3. They are all incredible! Great choices. :biggrin:
  4. So pretty, congrats!!!
  5. *love* the nude prive! gorgeous!!
  6. Lovely...all 3 prs. I really like the nude CLs.
  7. They all look great!!!
    Honestly, before you were your CL's....there is really nothing you can do to preserve the sole but get them re-soled by a cobbler. Other than that...just enjoy them...the red wont stay on forever, but it does stay on the parts that matter. I have put foot petals on and now they are peeling off, so dont waste your time. If you like, put one on the middle to help you from slipping. I used some ugly grey ones from DSW that have not peeled off like the black foot petal ones.
  8. Gorgeous! I love the nude no. prives ... I'd just die for a pair myself.

    I can't wait to see the outfits you put together--please post those, too!
  9. Gorgeous choices! Love the CLs and the Gucci is such a classic!

  10. Thank you ladies...I'll wear them soon, but I just hope it doesn't rain here too and I need to find an occasion to wear them. When I get the right outfit together..I'll post pix up..thanks again :smile:
  11. love them all on you! congrats!
  12. cute cute cute all 3
  13. Love em all! Esp. the yoyos:heart:! :tup:
  14. Pwecious - I love the nude no prive and the black yoyos, both look so nice on your feet! Congrats!
  15. I agree, they suit your feet very well. Congragulations.