two classics....

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  1. som i was feeling a littledown about my ruby bays so i cheered myself up with two new bags....

    two classic that i know will be used for years to come!
  2. So what are they?
  3. lol i wont drag this out as i have to put the diner on in a moment....

    ok first one is a gorgeous oak bayswater!!! i love the look of a new oak bag!

  4. Ah lovely S. You got a good one there.
  5. i am thrilled with this bag. i have already thrown all my stuff in it ready for use!
  6. it's absolutely perfect!! Now what's next? :biggrin:
  7. can a girl have to much oak!

    couldnt resist this one for long shopping trips!

  8. Wow... gorgeous oak choices. I am so jealous. I would like both of these bags. Well done & ENJOY:balloon:
  9. Ahh, I love ant in oak!

    Congrats on two beautiful bags =)

    Is bays coming out tomorrow?
  10. The bays is a beauty, I will have to save!!!
  11. Ah congrats, two lovely classics, you will have loads of use of them ! They both look super !
  12. Lovely!!!! Can't beat the old classics!!
  13. yes they are both sprayed and ready to go!
  14. what happend to ruby bays?

    Two beautiful new bags!!
    You can never have to much oak :biggrin:
  15. Both are stunning and classic S, you wont get bored with these ones, and they wont wrinkle like Ruby. Congrats on your new beauties :biggrin: