two chloes in a month!!

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  1. i bought my very first chloe (a choco paddy) first week of may this year.... then just last week i couldn't resist buying another chloe! this time, the edith in whiskey! weee! im so broke but happy! :yes:

    i even posted a topic here in PF mid-may asking whether i should get a balenciaga city, an edith, or a muse bag, since i can only afford to buy one more. i got the city in gray mid-may and i thought that's it for the month! but my mom who's such an angel bought the whiskey for me!! *luv u mom!!*:yahoo: :yahoo:

    just wanted to share... :yes:
  2. Wow! Congrats on your new bags. How are you going to decide which bag to use since the Paddy and Edith are so great?
  3. Great Point! The 2 best bags there are :yes: Congrats! :flowers:
  4. LuvsLV,

    The whiskey Edith and the chocolate paddington are exactly the two Chloe handbags I also purchased this month! :lol: They look so pretty sitting side by side!

    I love wearing my Edith with vintage chic wear (flowing baby doll dresses, tunics, etc) and my paddington with crisp, clean clothing lines (white colored shirts with a cinch belt, white linen dress, etc).

    The bag style contrasting the clothing style always looks smashing, if I have to say so myself! Congrats! :love:
  5. thanks Coldplaylover! i wish i have that problem every month! :roflmfao:

    i so totally agree with you chicbags! i think i'm getting addicted to Chloe :graucho:

    lordguinny -- really?? wow! and we bought the same colors, too! :yes: you know, i also love wearing my paddy with baby doll tops! congrats to you as well! ;)
  6. Congrats luvslv! Chicbags is right, Chloe is addictive, didn't have any last year and I now have 2 already!
  7. CONGRATS!!!! Both are fabulous bags!!! Chloe is definitely grows more and more on you. Their styles are so versatile and the leather is absolutely fabulous (with the exception of Mumpkins). Next thing you know, you're going to get a Silverado next! :smile: Congrats again and can't wait to see more pics!
  8. congrats on your 2 new bags!!!! cant wait to see more pics!!!! congrats!
  9. :heart: Congrats!:heart:
  10. thanks girlie! you must be luvin your new chloes, too!

    BalenciagaLove... oohh no, the silverado! you're givin me ideas...LOL ;)

    helenNZ and ranskimmie, thanks to both of you!
  11. Now that is one hell of a week! COngrats LuvsLV! I just love it! Enjoy in good health!
  12. Congrats!!! gorgeous Edith!!!
  13. That's great!!! I'm going to go check out your showcase, hope the new pics are there!
  14. Ooh congratulations! You've had a good month and YAY to Mommys too:flowers:
  15. thanks jag and bb10lue! :smile:

    yup minicoop, i uploaded more pics in my showcase but they are all scattered in different pages... :smile:

    thanks to you too tod! :smile: