Two chanel polishes,6 free samples, no shipping, overnight!

  1. HI GUYS, I feel elated, I just placed two orders for nail polish(different cards,one mine, one mom, same address) and received overnight shipping , no tax and 3 free sample gifts!
    I was suppose to be charged regular shipping for overnight NMFINALE code but wasn't, so I gave customer service rep. a call to make sure I wasn't charged and YEH-No charges!!!!!!~~
    Some computer screwup she said..............
    Thanks Computer.
  2. Haha, good for you! :tup: Which colors did you get?
  3. oooh sounds good!
  4. What colors?????????? I love free ship/no tax.
  5. I'm trying the new Tulipe noir and the lily beige- I'm getting them by 100pm tomorrow!
    I usually like light colors on my fingernails, but am willing to try a dark color-especially on toenails
  6. Good deal. Enjoy the polishes!