Two BV exotics...opinions?

  1. Resident newbie here. :graucho: I am a big fan of exotics, although I don't own many. In my effort to learn more about BV, I stumbled on these two python bags on the Saks site. Do any of you own either of these or other BV exotics? What do you think of them? How often does BV release exotics? Any other thoughts?


    BVLEpython.jpg BVpythonweave.jpg
  2. I usually drool over BV`s exotics, which they release a ton of every season. There are several different types used such as Karung (watersnake), python, soft croc, lizard and so on and they often come in the seasonal colors as well as classic shades as shapes.

    Anyways, I don`t feel those two particular bags you posted. Too much going on colorwise when it comes to the Pythons Sloane and the weaving of the second one doesn`t overwhelme me, either!
  3. Hi, pretty new to the BV threads!
    I have a natural python BV bag DH got me for Christmas. I believe its the cocker style. It has a turtleshell chain handle. It has some weaving on it. The best feature about it is its natural color. I love it & get a ton of compliments.
    I am getting a new camera for our trip so after I learn how to use it, I'll post a picture.
  4. ITA with C-24 on this one! Some of the BV exotics are amazing! but these 2 bags just seem too busy and I don't like the obvious python pattern on the sloane.
  5. Not feeling the love on either of these bags. BV can do better.
  6. hi jburgh, i think these 2 in particular are just a tad busy. i have 2 items in karung, the french flap wallet and the fan clutch, which look more muted and are loving them to bits!

    karung is made from weaving the skin of the watersnake so it's got an interesting texture which i find is a nice contrast to the regular lambskin weave. plus it comes in brass and ferro which are such great classic colours and go with everything!
  7. I've seen the first bag IRL, and I feel the print of the python on the first Sloane detracts from the natural beauty of the skin, which is hard to see under the print.

    I haven't seen the 2nd before, and can't tell what the texture is like, although the shape of the bag is quite interesting!

    But yes, I totally agree that there are better BV exotic options available. You should def look around some more if you're keen :yes:
  8. IMO, I think exotic skins look better when they are not so busy. As much as I love an ostrich or croc Cabat, I would never spend the money on them.
  9. These aren't my favorite styles, but I feel Bottega Veneta has the highest quality exotics (with prices to match)! I absolutely adore them!
  10. I saw the python one earlier today while I was at the BV store. Not a big fan of it. Too busy-looking and it felt weird (not a big fan of python skin too).