two brown spies?

  1. Does anyone own two brown spies in different shades of brown? Does that make sense, or no?

    I have a brown corded spy, and I think the color is closest to cognac. It's definitely not as dark as chocolate. Would it make sense for me to one day have a chocolate brown nappa spy too, or are the colors quite similar in real life?
  2. I used to have 2, one, on the card says "tobacco", the other that I just sold, says "moro". The tobacco is not as shiny and dark as the the moro one.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't get another brown one. There are just too many other great colors! But if you really like the other brown, then you should do what makes you happy!
  4. Go for it!! :yahoo:

    i have a cognac color and i want a choc color. i think that the one u have (seen pics of and its gorgous) is close to choclate bc of the handels, on my cognac the handels are really bright. Also the pics u posted of ur pleated, is it that dark in real life? its really gorgous :nuts:

    please let us know what u decide!