Two boys and a monkey

Nov 28, 2006
I just had to share my recent experience at the Montreal Hermes (inside Holt Renfrew), because nobody other than my virtual PF friends would understand how awesome this was : )

We travel a lot with our two boys, and we live 2 hours from the closest H store so they get dragged into every Hermes in every city we visit. They aren't always happy about it but they're always well behaved. At this H, I was checking out some Jypsieres in the case when my little one told the SA how his favorite color was Hermes orange (that's my boy!). The lovely SA proceeded to tell him the story of how orange came to be the H color, and he was fascinated.

Next up my older one said he wanted the saddle that was on display (for our nonexistent horse) and the SA filled him in on the history of the HAC, precursor to the Birkin. They were so interested and attentive and having a great conversation with the friendly SA while I tried on bags.

Then we moved over to the mens scarf area (needed to keep Mr. LVCG interested) and when the SA pulled out a scarf to show us the boys said "But where's the monkey" and the SA had to pick his jaw up off the floor "How do you boys know the story of the monkey?". My favorite scarf is Tresors Retrouve, by Annie Favre, and they love to try and find the hidden monkey she's famous for.

We had such a great time exploring the little store and very sadly I walked out empty handed (big travel budget = little Hermes budget) but I was so unbelievably proud of my little boys and their extensive Hermes knowledge. I'm just hoping that when my birthday and holidays roll around when they're older they'll always think to stop into Hermes to pick me up a little something :smile:


Sep 15, 2013
Amazing!!!! You must be so proud!! You need to takes them with you when you're ready to score a B or a K - I think they can win over any SA!!! Thanks for sharing such a cute story.
Jul 30, 2006
What a great story! Even though you walked out empty handed that story is more than enough. Heart warming!


Feb 18, 2010
Your boys are so sweet! I only wish my little DDs will come to appreciate H when they grow up. The only time they were in an H boutique was in Hawaii last fall when they were 3 and all they did was run all over the store. Thanks for sharing your story. There's hope for my girls yet. :biggrin:


Jan 18, 2014
Lala Land
You have certainly raised your boys well! I must learn that from you when I have kids.
And I think strategically, kids are one of the best ways to hit it off with the SA. (Ooopise!)

Thanks for sharing and have a safe trip! :smile:
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
How lovely! My boys just complain about yet another H store visit! Do please bring them along to FSH, little boys with huge H knowledges are always sent off with Orange boxes!