Two bow satchels sighted at SaksNYC

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  1. I was there tonight and there they were - a black one and an allumnio, both in medium! So rare!
  2. Wow, good find! I don't suppose either were on sale!?
  3. do they go on sale?
  4. Oh, I'm not in the US :sad:

    Any tpf'er who gets either of these bags, please post pics so I can sigh over your bow bags!
  5. They also have the brown at the Saks in SF. I bought the allumnio and can't wait to get it!
  6. how much are the bow bags going for now? i plan on purchasing one later this month.
  7. $1155 + tax.
  8. I saw the bow bags on sale at Nieman for 400 something twice, and it's white, gone so fast that I couldn't grab it