Two Blakes...what to do?

  1. I purchased two Blakes on sale. One is the bordeaux, which I love and am definitely keeping. I already had a Blake in Natural on the way from the Bloomingdale's sale and I had pretty much decided to return it. Then it came. It's pretty.

    Here are pictures (sorry for the bad photo quality; I had to take them on my Blackberry ):smile:

    I should return the one in Natural, right? Would I ever wear that color? I wear a lot of black. The color is more like the second picture. It's slightly more yellow in person than in the photo, but not by much.

    The Natural Blake looks a little flat because whoever shipped the Blake from Bloomingdales FOLDED it at the bottom to squash it in the bag. :wtf: Whoever heard of FOLDING a $995 bag. (that I only paid $600 for, but still.)
    two blakes.jpg two blakes 2.jpg
  2. :nogood:uh uh:nogood:

    I would keep'em both - they are ALREADY yours right?! You have them ~ Why bother taking one back!:shrugs:

  3. The bordeaux is just a breathtaking color and I think it would look fantastic with black or almost any color for that matter. Funny to say but it seems like a good neutral to me especially for fall/winter.

    I like both colors, but the natural is a little less exciting when sitting next to the bordeaux. It may be something you want to use in spring/summer.

    If you are chosing between the two definately bordeaux. Only keep both if you really love both colors. There is nothing wrong with two of the same bag (especially around here). I just think you should be excited about them both. If the natural doesnt do it for you another color surely will soon. HTH
  4. I just love the blake, especially in bordeaux so I'm glad to hear that you are keeping that. :smile:

    Regarding the natural one, I haven't seen one IRL though it looks very neutral, it sill looks nice. However, if you do not absolutely love it, I say take it back and save your $$$ might come across another blake in a color, which you will not want to let go of.

    Either way, good deals on both bags!!!
  5. Well I just got my bordeaux blake and I love it but I also have another bag (Gucci Grace) in that creamy colour which is also a must have.
    So I say if you can afford it keep both becuase you can definitley use both colours. If you can't afford and really should be returning one then cream it is!
  6. Return the cream get something you really love!!
  7. never have been a fan of lighter colored, beige/cream/white/natural colored bags personally. also, i wear a lot of black too...i'd say return the natural...if i were you, i'd rather my seond blake be black or something...
  8. Now you know that the Blake is my favorite bag but I have to say...that I would return the Natural one. If you don't LOVE doesn't matter how great the deal was. Perhaps look for another style in that color that has more of a wow factor to you. BTW - your Bordeaux Blake is breathtaking! I'm seriously jealous! :smile:
  9. the bordeaux blake is clearly the most favorite bag this fall (IMO!). i would absolutely keep it and return the neutral blake and put the money towards another blake. there are so many other colors that pop...why settle for neutral? goodluck :smile:
  10. Thank you. You guys are right. I am going to hurry up and return the natural one today before I change my mind. *must...stop...petting it*

    Thank you for all the input!
  11. awww this is so hard. because i personally think that the blake is one of the most delectable treats marc jacobs ever released from his cookie jar.

    it would be so hard for me to send the lovely, versatile, fresh, beautifully made ivory blake back (there is no question that you should keep the bordeaux).

    but follow your first instinct, and you'll be fine.
  12. Gorgeous bags!!! Glad you're keeping the bordeaux...such a great color/bag combo!! I love the natural as well...but if you're not drooling over it then return it...I have two blakes..tomatoe red & black....Love them...I feel they are great colors to have in that...I have a mp in oatmeal which I used ALL went with a neutral is great to have in your collection...don't have plenty of a short while we will all be drooling over the spring bags lol!!
  13. I LOVE both bags, but if you must return one, then definitely keep the bordeaux. It's a gorgeous, classic color.
    Although if you can afford it, I would recommend you keep it (we're a terrible bunch to ask a question like this, of course). $600 is a great deal, and I think the light neutral would look pretty against black clothes. If you feel bad about getting 2 bags so close together, you could always stick the neutral in the closet until spring!
  14. Choose the Bordeaux and return the natural. It's the best color - you'll thank yourself later!
  15. Sounds like you're keeping the bordeaux! As for the natural, if you're thinking of keeping it, maybe try calling bloomies and see if they'll discount for damaging the bag while shipping. Maybe you'll keep it if it gets further discounted!