Two Black Bags too many? Help :)

  1. I posted yesterday about my YSL Mombasa and the Black City. Decided to get both for now, BUT my friend still wants to sell me her MJ Baby Petrol Stam. Only thing I could do to get this is to give up ONE of the black bags to get the Stam. I don't have any smaller bags, most of mine are on the large side now, so maybe the Stam would be nice? I can't decide what's the better investment or which I like more so looking for advice!

    here's pictures of all 3 bags --> If I can only keep two, which ones should stay??? :amazed:



  2. First 2!
  3. definately the cute little stam! And the YSL is classy!
  4. The Mombasa and the Stam! Two black isn't too many but it this case the Stam must stay! IMO :P
  5. I really like the last 2 the best.
  6. I like them all but probably the last 2 the best.
  7. Wait - they are all so different, so what that they are all black.

    Do you want the Stam? You have not bought that one yet, right?

    Is it a money issue, because if so, don't buy the Stam.

    just my .02
  8. The black city and the baby stam would be my choice. Both are absolutely fab.
  9. city and stam :biggrin:
  10. DO NOT let go of the Mombasa--I think it's the best. And if you want a "funky" bag--go for the mini-Stam. I think it's very cute and versatile!
  11. I agree, the city and stam! But whichever two, you should def. include the stam. Petrol is so rare and pretty :love:
  12. Yeah Loganz unfortunately $ is the reason why I can't get all 3 so I have to pick two :sad:
  13. Mombasa & Stam. =)
  14. I vote mombassa and city. From the measurements, it doesn't look like the mini stam is that small?
  15. City and Stam without a doubt