Two Birkin Qs: Does it retain its value? How heavy compare to B-bag and Coco Cabas?

  1. I'm so new to Hermes and loving reading all the posts here.... Thank you very much for such a great wealth of knowledge. :love::love:

    After looking at all these pictures, I think I'm falling in love with Birkin. I'm a Balenciaga girl and now branching off to Chanel (Coco Cabas to be specific). I never thought I would like Hermes until I start reading this sub forum. You guys are great!

    I think that I wonder about Birkin, beside colors, HW, leather, is how the bag retains its value and how easy it is to sell. I know that Birkin is the most sought after bag and it's one of the most expensive. but when it's time that the owners need the fund or want to sell, can it be sold easily and at what price? I look up on eBay for listings that end (search Hermes Birkin 30). All Birkin bags were unsold, maybe because the sellers try to make profit out of it?

    I buy my bags for my own use and enjoyment. However, I often think at the back of my mind that I make a good investment choice and if I happen to need money for emergency (knock on wood), I don't lose out much on these bags, KWIM. Some "IT" bags just lose 30-40% of its valuve once you walk out from the stores.

    Also, I read from the posts that Birkin 35 is quite heavy. What about Birkin 30? How heavy it is what compare to Balenciaga or Coco Cabas?

    Thank you very much for all your help. I hope I'll be part of H family soon! :p
  2. Birkins really retain their value, and it seems are pretty easy to sell especially if reasonably priced. Take a look on eBay, there are preowned bags being sold for more than current retail- which is probably why they aren't selling as quickly. HOwever, when birkins are priced fairly (rather than thousands above retail) they sell! So as long as the demand stays as high as it is currently, it should not be a problem to sell.

    As for weight: A birkin is much heavier than Balenciaga, which as you know is so well known for its lightweight leather. I think the 30cm (keep in mind that I don't own one, but have tried both on a 30cm and a 35cm) is more like the weight of the Coco or even a little less than a paddy.

  3. Hi! So I guess you've been bitten by the orange bug?! I can understand about wondering about the values of a Birkin. They do retain most of their value, especially when compared to other brands. If it's a popular color, then it's likely to sell pretty fast and for a higher price. I have both a 30 and a 35 Birkin, and both can get pretty heavy, depending on how much stuff is in them. The 35, because of the bigger size, gets heavier at a faster rate.
  4. Thank you, jag and pr1nc355!!! Yes, I might get bitten by Orange Bug! :nuts::nuts: I've seen Birkin but never carry one. I'm going to NYC next week. Hope will get a chance to see some Birkin at Madison store.

    I think I need to study more on how to identify fake. I look at this listing, eBay: Brand New HERMES BIRKIN 35 Bag - AUTHENTIC – Black (item 140074565638 end time Jan-20-07 21:08:47 PST), and surprised on the ending bid. Must be fake... Unbelieve fake has box, card and all goodies to come with the bag!!!! :sad:

    I don't own Paddy but used to try one (the one with the lock right?). So heavy!!! Umm, I guess one has to sacrify the weight for the beauty. Do you think you can go shopping all day with the bag?

    You know, thinking another way, it might be good for you arms. It's like go to the gym without knowing!!! :love:
  5. ^ luvpurse - welcome! Shopping all day with a Birkin 35 in Togo or Clemence can be a little painful if you're not used to it. I recommend the 30 because it will be a easier than the 35cm for this purpose. I do take my 35cm shopping, though. It IS a really fun bag to carry.
    PLEASE do not buy from eBay w/o checking with us. We can help you if you find an auction you like. :smile:
  6. oooh, a new fan! this is fun :smile:

    i have a 35 birkin and it does tend to get kind of heavy after you put a few stuff in it. i actually don't carry much and a 30 birkin probably would have suited me fine :blush: but they didn't have a black 30 cm when i went in. it also depends on whether or not you like big bags versus smaller bags. as the other ladies have said, the 30 is probably easier to shop with. though i am getting used to the 35, the width of which is my biggest problem to get used to! :smile: it is a fun bag to carry.
  7. Thank you, Greentea and pigleto972001. Your explanation regarding the shopping is very helpful. I'm 5'2" and 100lb. I'm a small bag person. I think I like 30cm better.

    I guess my next mission is to find 30cm Black Birkin with silver hardware.... I think I might like Togo since I want this to be my everyday bag that can go every where with me. I usually wear jeans with sweater, blouse and jacket. Quite casual.....

  8. The 30cm is a great size. It is roomier than you expect. I am a big bag person so I was a little concerned when I first purchased my 30 but its great for all day.

    Welcome and goodluck in the hunt - Its so much fun!
  9. I am a 35 birkin girl and i have to be honest the weight does get to me sometimes! I have a bad back and have been told to be careful by my physio that my bag is too heavy for every day use... but hey im a victim of fashion !!!:supacool: