Two bags. Opinions, please?

  1. Well, after my husband made two comments (in a three hour period) about my black microfiber hobo, I've decided to buy a new black bag. There's nothing really wrong with the hobo, but according to him, it's not as "cool" as my other bags. He likes the fact that I carry nice bags. :amuse: The trouble is that I'm not much of a black bag person. I was looking at Marc Jacobs ones, but I don't want to put a lot of money into a bag I know I won't wear that much. After lots of surfing, I found this Donald J. Pliner on the Bloomingdale's website:


    Is anyone familiar with this brand, or has seen this bag in person? It looks pretty nice, especially for the price - it's on sale for $229.00 dollars. I'm hoping it's long enough to sling over my shoulder because I'd prefer a shoulderbag. I'm not crazy about the way it wings out at the sides, but I can probably live with it.

    During my search, I found this Antonio Melani bag at Dillard's. I've already got two or three brown handbags and certainly don't need another, but there's something about this one that I really like. Is anyone familiar with the brand? Thanks in advance! :amuse:

  2. Have no idea about what the Pliner is like IRL, but I have been eyeing that same black one, it's really cute! (I think we have the same taste, cause I have the Suzi in red! I think I like yours better!!!)
  3. LOL! That's funny, because I almost returned my Suzi after seeing it in red and then blue, and liked those better. :lol:

    I really like the quilted bag, and I looked at lots of black bags. If I get it I'll be sure to post pics. :amuse:
  4. I like the top one. My husband doesn't like my Hermes Kelly-so I don't allow him much say in my bag purchases. I don't know a lot of his stuff and he is definitely not a handbag person.
    I do like it when he says he likes certain bags. I just ignore the ignorant comments.
    I asked him if he could name 5 designers once and he mentioned Hanes and Fruit of the Loom!
  5. Hanes and Fruit of the Loom! I can't imagne what my husband would say if I asked him to name five designers. :lol:

    My black hobo was actually a stop-gap purchase to begin with. I didn't have a hobo and wasn't sure if I'd like the style, so I picked up a nice, but inexpensive microfiber one just to see how I liked a bag with less structure. So now it's time to step up. :amuse:
  6. I have a pair of Donald Pliner shoes (and actually met him when he was doing a promotion at Nordstroms) but I have no idea how the bags are. It's a cute bag, though.
  7. Ooo the bottom one is funky. I like it! Although I'm unsure how useful those pockets (?) would be.
  8. second one! i prefer structure :smile:
  9. i encountered that very donald j pliner bag last weekend, the leather is EXTREMELY soft. for that price, i'd say it's quite a good buy.
  10. if i have to choose..
    the second one!:amuse:
  11. My iPod in one, and my cell phone in the other! I did wonder though, if it would eventually get on my nerves that one flap covers both pockets.
  12. Bag #2 is very nice...I personally dunno about the first one.
  13. Yay! That's exactly what I wanted to know. It looks so pretty in the picture that I didn't want to be disappointed. Thanks for the information! :amuse:
  14. #2-It's great!:nuts:
  15. I like the first one!!
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